DEKA-Titan Pain Reliever

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DE-KA Titan is an German made innovative pain control Gadget. This innovative device is a fasionable wearable device with an evident clinicaly effectivity.
The Concept of device is that electrical stimulation block the pain signals from reaching the brain.
DEKA MED has combined the science and art to gether and presented a wearable gadget.

The device has passed clinical and market tests and acquired both user satisfaction and CE certificate.
DE-KA titan is actively distributed in USA, Australia and Europe market.
To read more about the patients experience refer to Academy.

Pharmaceutical products use the downstream pain control system in Gate Control Theory (endorphins and enkephins as physiological activators).

The pulsating DC voltage from this system can be measured in the peripheral lines, externally, i.e. through the skin and tissue.
DeKa-Titan ® painkillers use the upstream pain reducing system.
As a RC element in an electrical circuit, a special condenser circuit of DeKa-Titan ® – Pain relief placed on the skin makes it possible to smooth the potential differences that lead to a suppression of the signal current of pain to the brain through nerves.

Thus, a reduced level or no pain to the brain is reported.
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