General terms

These Terms and conditions (the “Terms of Use”), and all other terms available on the AdLanda advertising agency website and mobile applications ( these together are called “site”) and that terms that in some cases AdLanda provide a  user-specific customized term of use, these altogether govern your use of AdLandas services (the “services”). It is the customers or users duty to study the terms fully and ask for any further required clarrification.

The start date of the terms of use is until Dec 02, 2018. It is highly recommend that user read the terms of use carefully and keep a print copy of the terms of use. We clearly state that terms of use are subject to change with out precaution, however as a good will AdLanda will try to notify users about important changes however it is not a must or duty and it is user duty to study terms of use any and every time they use site.

The services are provided by AdLanda advertising agency, AdLanda Reklambyrå org. Number 700607-XXXX (“AdLanda” or “we”). AdLanda is part of AdLanda Reklambyrå and works as an online store. By using the services, you agree to these Terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.

Prerequisites for using the AdLanda services

To enter into a service agreement, you must be 18 or have the goalkeeper’s approval.

Persons or companies that have previously violated the Terms of Services provided by us may AdLanda deprive them of any future service.

If you register a company as a user, the person who is authorized to bind the company to these Terms and Conditions will certify.

Advertising on AdLanda

To advertise on AdLanda, you must follow the advertising rules. AdLanda’s advertising rules (see below) contain rules for advertising and categorization of ads.

Any maladministration, manipulation or use of the Services in violation of the Terms of Service, including the Advertising Rules, AdLanda has the full right to block or disable that user or that action.

User-generated content

All content that users creates or post on AdLanda platform (such as pictures, movies, etc.) considered as “user-generated content”.

User warrant that has the necessary rights to the user-generated content (either you as user are the main right owner or you have acquired the right to use that).

After posting “user-generated content” on AdLanda you as user transfer are right to AdLanda to unlimitedly to dispose freely of that. AdLanda will have the right to for example but not limited to do following changes like processing, formats adapt, store or copy it or use it as marketing purposes and make it available to the public regardless of media channel and to sub-license such rights to any partners. AdLandas rights persist forever (even after an advertisement) has been deleted.

This means that you guarantee that you have ensured that the persons can be identified in the user-generated content (such as an image or a movie or just by their names) are aware of how the material will be used and that they have agreed to participate in the user-generated content and user-generated content contains protected intellectual property such as music, movie, image, logo or other material that you do have permission to use. And you warrant that You hereby waive all claims for reimbursement from AdLanda.

Intellectual property AdLanda or AdLandas licensors, owns the intellectual property rights to the text, images, design and other material and information that is made available to you through your use of the Services. The same applies to the underlying software code for the Services. Such material and information may not be used otherwise than in the ordinary use of the Services. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials are AdLandas exclusive property.

Content Repost and Regeneration

Copying, reproducing, republishing, uploading, posting or distributing of any material or information on the site without the prior written permission of AdLanda is strongly prohibited. Any unauthorized use entails liability. Be cautious that use of automated services such as robots, queries, indexing, and any other methods of systematic use of the content on the site is not permitted. But user may print individual pages from the Site.

SMS and Telephone and Email Marketing

All marketing will be under the Marketing Act (2008: 486) correspond to good marketing. It is expressly forbidden to send advertising via telephone (if clearly have opposed), e-mail or SMS messages this to individuals unless they have agreed to it in advance. The Market Court prohibit this and such violations of the rules if it continues will results in to fine payment.

AdLandas responsibilities:

AdLanda is principally an “Advertising Agency”. AdLanda is a platform that provides users to advertise, sell and buy goods and services. Users should not assume that an offer, a sale or a purchase of an item is valid and legal just because it exists on AdLanda. AdLanda have no control over and is not involved in the transaction between a buyer and a seller (some products are sold on the market but these market is just a facilitation of selling and buying and AdLanda is not responsible over Good delivery of products or services there). AdLanda is not responsible for the advertised products or services.

AdLanda does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to services. The operation of the Site may be interfered with by numerous factors outside AdLandas control and AdLanda makes no guarantees regarding the operation of the Site or availability.

 AdLanda shall not be liable for damages directly or indirectly caused by the use of the Site and its contents. At malfunction of site AdLanda will keep the credit in the user accounts and users can use that credit until expiry period determined by AdLanda; and AdLanda may not refund the cost of the advertisement.

AdLanda is not responsible for expenses due to non-payment or delayed advertisement response or on wrong information in the ad text.


After buying services over the Internet, you usually have 7-365 days based on Paket to advertise on AdLanda.

If you do not use your right during a particular period then you must renounce your right because Arlanda’s service advertising means that you request that the service begins immediately after you have paid for it. There is no right of withdrawal after the service is bought.

The same rules apply to additional and all services that you buy in the announcement like Stöt-upp or AdGuld,  Banners, etc.

Transfer of the right

By accepting the Terms you officially agree that the agreement you have transferred all rights to AdLanda so without any furthure notice or consent acquisition, and AdLanda may transfer that rights to any another company as a whole or partially, directly or indirectly owned by AdLanda Reklambyrås or to third parties in connection with a inkråms- or transfer of operations that include Services.

Changes in Services

AdLanda may at any time and without any notice, decide to discontinue the Services or replace services with other services. In such a case AdLanda reserves the right to terminate your access to the Service. It is user task to check vilkors and services but as an act of “good will and not as a must” changes may occur after you have been informed about this for example by sending a notice to your E-post. Possible compensation is decided by AdLanda it could be discount or credit that reserved in AdLanda platform. In rare cases it could be refunded to you but it is rare and is not a complete refund and processing fees occurs.

Changes in Terms

AdLanda may modify these Terms from time to time. It is user’s task to check vilkors and services but as an act of “good will and not as a must” you will informed and we assume that while you using the platform you have already accepted them.

Governing law and dispute resolution

But it is AdLanda absoloute right to determin which court should judge the disputes.

Swedish law shall apply to the Services and these Terms. Disputes shall be settled by a Swedish court. You can also contact the Consumer Complaints, read more on

Rules for advertising

It is user responsibility that information that are put in the AdLanda do not violate applicable laws and regulations. As a user you are personally responsible for your annons. AdLanda does not claim that the following information with respect to what can be considered illegal or improper and thus not be present on AdLanda, complete or exhaustive. The information is, in these respects, only illustrative.



Private individuals


AdLandas could be used by private individuals but they also should authorize an AdPaket before advertising and by announcing they enter into contracts, as above stated in these Terms.

Car & Motorcycle Dealers


Car & Motorcycle Dealers must have a Företag AdPaket (DiamantAd eller KronAd) to publish classified ads for sale and by announcing they enter into contracts, as above stated in these Terms.

Company Listings


AdLanda reserves the right to determine when an ad is business like. The following are categorized as business (and must have a Företag AdPaket (DiamantAd eller KronAd) to publish classified ads and by announcing they enter into contracts, as above stated in these Terms).

Legal entities

Advertisers undertakes to comply with consumer protection laws (including the Consumer, Consumer Services Act and the Price Information Act) and the Consumer Complaints Board recommendations when goods sold with deductible VAT Companies.

Validity and visibility

AdLandas service starts when the ad has been approved and published on AdLanda.

As soon as user remove the ad it would be removed from website or App but still it may remain in indexing websites history like Google, or Social medias and AdLanda is not responsible to remove them.

AdLanda minimize the number of outdated ads on the site is so after the validity of AdPaket remove them.

Audit and control of ads

AdLanda has ultimate right to delete or change Advertisement which breach of advertising rules and it can be published after change.

Users Identity Check

AdLanda checks Randomly or Report-initiated continuously user’s identity. Those who choose not to participate in such a control could be suspended from the use of AdLanda.

AdLandas messaging service


In AdLandas messaging service you can send and receive messages. Messages that you have sent to or received from other AdLanda users are thus gathered in AdLanda in your user account.

You can respond to messages directly on AdLanda or via e-mail.

If you have opted to receive email notifications sent messages even to your registered email address.

Name and phone number provided in advertisement are attached to the message.

Polite tone and a nice behavior between users is an obvious precondition for a good business environment and good business. AdLanda will filter, delete or stop messages containing offensive or illegal content. Threatening, harassing or otherwise objectionable act against anyone in AdLandas messaging service. AdLanda can also stop communications or remove content that violates our Terms of Use.

Therefore, it is of course not allowed to: Using AdLandas messaging service to perform any illegal, deceptive or malicious act.

AdLanda reserves the right to ban users who do not follow the rules of the messaging service or which use it in ways that are harmful to us or our users or other abuses of AdLandas messaging service, such as sending spam or other unwanted messages.


Compensations and credited

If an ad is denied publication, you get a credit of AdLanda equivalent ad value. The credit can also be offered at some technical problems or erroneous payments. The balance is linked to the advertiser’s email address is valid for one year and can not be used for payment. Misuse, manipulation or use of the Services in violation AdLandas rules are not entitled to reimbursement or compensation and means that any balance void.


Ads only in English, Danish, Norwegian,Swedish are allowed.

If You wish to Advertise on other languages you must submite a request to



AdLanda allows advertise sales, rentals, exchanges and inquiry of services and goods.

The ad text will be used to describe the specific product or service offered in the ad.

Companies that store has the opportunity to present their business in their store page (see the “Market in AdLanda”).

Wanted ads may only be stolen or lost goods and animals.



The ad title should describe the product or service.

No unnecessary characters may be used in the title.

Unauthorized use of another’s trademark or Advertisment creatives or materials protected by copyright and / or other laws is not allowed.

No duplicates

It is not allowed to place ads for the same product or service more than once at the same time. First remove the old one.


Communication by E-mail and Telephone


E-mail address is mandatory to advertise a product. If you when you advertise can only be reached by phone, write this in the ad text.


Specious or Unrealistic Ads

Unrealistic offers are not allowed in AdLanda. AdLanda refuse or cancel publication of advertisements that considered by AdLandas assessment as unreliable or unrealistic.

Modification of the Ad

It is allowed to modify a product / service during AdPaket validity.


For a best result choose the best category, city, trade term(sale, buy, find, exchange or rent). AdLanda has the right to change categories if was necessary even after publishing that.

Rent of apartment


When advertising for “Apartments for Rent” advertiser must certify that no advance rent or deposit taken before the apartment is shown and agreements / contracts signed. AdLanda reserves the right to reject ads where it emerged that this has not been followed.




Advertised services must comply with the laws and regulations that apply to each industry. When you advertise on services, you must certify that you follow these (eg regarding Operating, F-tax and liability insurance). This is controlled by AdLanda in cooperation with industry associations.


Clothes and Shoes and Children’s Clothing & Shoes


In these categories should your clothing match clothing type selected in the ad form. As an individual, you can advertise an unlimited amount of clothing or shoes. Businesses can advertise one item per ad and can specify all sizes that garment is available. Furs and other products from animals of CITES listing are considered vulnerable, such as wolf and leopard, the permission of Agriculture. If such a condition exists, this should be stated in the ad text and illegal advertising of such products may be punished with imprisonment or a fine.



AdLanda have restrictions on the sale or transfer of certain animals. Wolf Hybrids, for example, are not allowed. In accordance with the Animal Welfare Act and in cooperation with Animal welfare Sweden and SVERAK also applies below conditions of advertising in the category animals. To be pet owners is a big responsibility and should not be an unthinking impulse action.

Therefore AdLanda with animal welfare in Sweden decided not to allow ads which the animal is given away.

Lowest prices in the animal category reflects the cost that is consistent with a responsible pet ownership and the specified minimum price is to prevent ill-conceived acquisitions and to prevent animal cruelty. Age of animals (when the animal at the earliest can be delivered) at the sale shall be stated in the ad.

Dog’s registration number acquired from the responsible organization and department  when registration not yet done, the puppy’s mother’s registration number be indicated.

For advertisement of predators such as wolves, birds of prey, leopards and zoo animals, stuffed animals special rules may apply and advertiser should show that the act is legalized. It is important that you as an advertiser have checked what applies to your specific product / product. You can read more of the responsible organization and departments.



Least Price (Kr)


Earliest age (weeks)








Dog 400 8
Rabbit 50 7
Rats 50
hamsters 50
Guinea pigs 50
Reptile 50
Farm animals (mammals) 50
Farm animals (bird) 50
Fish 20
arthropods / insects 20


When selling weapons it must be stated that the weapon requires a license. Replica weapons  are not allowed (not replicas depicting the weapons produced before 1896).

AdLanda generally prohibits the advertisement of any real guns or those that resemble real one.

Gaming slots

It must be stated in the advertisement that the possession or installation of such a machine may require the permission of the Gaming Board.

Piracy and counterfeiting


When users sell branded products they must certify that the product is original. It is not allowed to advertise pirated and counterfeit eg branded products, movies, books, CD, DVD, smart card or computer, video game software.


Illegal goods


AdLanda have restrictions on certain types of goods and services that may not be advertised. Goods that are not allowed to sell in accordance with Swedish law, may not be advertised. Here are some examples of prohibited goods and services but are not limited to these: ( as user is the only one liable of what advertise; the user should assure that according to European, Scandinvain, and Swedish legislation is legal to announce the good or service)


Any action that is related to escape tax

Brokerage Child (temporary as well as long-term, eg childminder) chemicals materials (like mercury)

Faked coins and bank notes

Health or cosmetics (pharmaceutical, etc)

Human body parts

Laser pointers exceeding 5 mW and all laser pointers with green laser

Contact Lenses (when sold by private individuals)

Membership on websites

Massage and Tattoo ( by private person)


Parking permit

Particular foods (such as sturgeon caviar)

Porn and pornography material

products for wireless transmission of 1.2 -GHz band

Products to unlock mobile phones

Offensive and sensitive materials that cause propaganda

Own recordings of public or private radio or TV

Recording paper

Selling E-mail addresses

SMS services


Weapons and arms

Used underwear for adults

Material and Contents of Ads

Pictures and movies with people or realistic models that show underwear or swimsuits are not allowed.

Offensive nature materials are not allowed. Ads that may be offensive or insulting to ethnic or individual groups will not be accepted.

When you advertise some tertiary information may be displayed and published in Ads like announcer address or car number AdLanda has no responsibility over these.

Links and references: If you wish to put link in your advertisement you must buy AdGuld or DiamantAd or KronAd.

Images and movies: should be relevant and factual and actual picture of product or service you advertise. It is not allowed to take pictures and movies from other ads without the advertiser’s consent. These may be protected by copyright law. Regarding images and other content in ads, see also above in these Terms of Use in point User-generated content. User-generated content is transferred to AdLanda the AdLanda the right to freely dispose of the contents.

Logos: Their use should be in accordance to copyright law.  

Watermarks: Pictures published with AdLandas watermark. This is done to prevent images are used for other purposes that are not authorized by you the user.


Occasional sale: You do not need to raise the income tax return of the total profits of less than 50 000.

Regualr sellers or dealers: If you sell goods on a regular basis however, you should report the income in the tax return whatever the gain is. You report income as a hobby or as a business, depending on the business nature and extent. Read more at the Swedish Tax Agency.

Credit and active Paketer

You can always check your credit and active paketer as well as history in mitt konto.

Generally transaction is done on third parties and AdLanda do not keep your Card bank information so has no responsibility over that. However we use secure payment gates like PayPal, Swish, Klarna, Apple pay, Google Pay.

News From Other Sources

All the right, credit and responsibilities goes to primary source and AdLanda just synch their feed and  has no owner ship or responsibility on news published. If there is any problem with the primary source or news inform us we will clear that soon but we have no responsibility over the news we just redistribute news. Contact direct with

Market Place Partners

AdLanda is just a facilator for seller and buyers and has no responsibility over the delivery of services or products by the market partners. However we screen the sellers to verify if they are not abusing this platfrom and on occasion that any abuse discovered by AdLanda or reported by users and buyers will be taken serious. If the seller abused the facility then that party will be deprived from further services and any assets of that seller would be frozen and  AdLanda has right to compensate the buyer from that assets and also take some or all assets as punishment.

AdLanda Market

Products are entitled to free shipping within 3 weeks from payment confirmation.  All goods are entitled to 14 days return right and money back guarantee (after delivery).  Please be informed that processing fee occurs.  Send your complaints to

Banners and Sponsored Articles

These services are managed both under this terms and condition and under a supplemental terms that are downloaded or sent by email to the clients (advertisers) and when clients order such packages automatically they accept all terms and conditions either on this page or the other that are sent to them or are downloadable after making payment. A short part of that complementry terms and conditions are as follow:

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content is a content which supports a Client’s desired brand message or views, but does not expressly promote sales of particular products or services. “Client” or “Guest Author” means a client of Publisher’s brand publishing group.

Advertorial Content

Advertorial Content is a content produced by Publisher’s brand publishing group for Client to directly promote the Client’s products or services. It must be labeled as advertising or advertorial in a typeface that is at least the size of the body type of the article or presentation, so as to not confuse or potentially mislead readers into believing that it is produced by any AdLanda Reklambyrå news or editorial team.

Work for Hire Content

Work for Hire Content is any content produced by Publisher’s brand publishing group for Client under a Work-For-Hire agreement. Work for Hire Content is not published in AdLanda Reklambyrå .